February 10

Tech Tools to Support the 4’C’s

Collaboration_Creativity_Critical-Thinking_Communication Thank you to guest blogger, Emily Nestor for our PD on the go this week for Teacher Academy!  Thank you for your #exceptional model of the 4 C’s at Winterboro High School!

In today’s 21st Century society, the ideal high school graduate is one who can effectively communicate and collaborate with their peers in order to solve problems by thinking critically and creatively. These skills – communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity – are Success Skills that all graduates need in order to be College and Career Ready. Therefore, it is our job as educators to provide students with opportunities to utilize these Success Skills within daily teaching and learning opportunities. One way in which we, as 21st Century educators, can achieve this is through incorporating a variety of technology tools that will allow students to collaborate, communicate, think critically, and be creative! And I know what you are thinking – There are SO MANY Tech Tools out there…. Where do I even start? Well have no fear – I am going to provide you with a bank of Tech Tools that can be used to allow students opportunities to utilize these Success Skills within your classroom!

Critical Thinking: Evaluating, Justifying, Analyzing

  • Coggle: Mindmapping (can be collaborative)
  • VideoANT: Annotating videos
  • Kami: Annotating text

Communication: Speaking (Orally and Written)

Collaboration: Working Together (Sharing and Listening)

  • Tozzl: Group Workspace (chat, file sharing, tasks management)
  • 81 Dash: Group Rooms with chatting and file sharing capabilities, can also be shared to GoogleClassroom with 1 click

Creativity: Brining Ideas to Reality 

  • ToonDo: Make cartoons/comics, characters, books, and also edit images
  • Pixiclip: Whiteboard that can be recorded

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17 thoughts on “Tech Tools to Support the 4’C’s

  1. Jessica Mathis

    I have spend some time investigating Kami. I LOVE it!!! I have my students close read History passages frequently. I am excited about this tool and allowing them to close read using their ChromeBooks. I am also very excited that the passages (after being close read) can be uploaded to Google Classroom.

  2. Ashley Gable

    I can’t wait to use Kami for close reading in my classroom! Mrs. Brown showed me some ways she uses it today, and it seems really simple to use. Students can complete a close reading assignment, and then upload their copy to Google Classroom!

    I recently used Coggle to trace important words in Act II of Macbeth, connotations to the word, and connections from the text back the word! The students loved it!

  3. Paige Brown

    I love Kami! I use it to have my students close read math word problems. I am trying to figure out how I could use Coggle. I am thinking maybe they could map out different representations/ways to solve a problem. Any suggestions for using Coggle with math would be appreciated!

  4. Vonda Ashley

    Pixiclip looks like a great tool for the math classroom. I can see my students using this to create problem solving videos independently and with peers. I am looking forward to trying this in the near future. Thanks for the resources!!

    1. Emily Harris (Post author)

      I would love to see it in action too! Let me know when you try it and I can come lend a helping hand!

  5. Grayson

    I think ScreenCastify would be a great tool to use for small group practice. I think utilizing it by recording a lesson that explains a new concept for struggling student practice would be useful. If someone does this let me know. I would like to see it in action!

  6. Sherry Jackson

    I am excited to try Collaborize Classroom! I have created my blog and will have my students try it out tomorrow. This site will be great for my students’ book discussions. I can’t wait to see how my students will interact with each other and to see where the conversations will lead. Thank you for hunting these sites down for us. Mrs. Nester is truly #exceptional!

    1. Emily Harris (Post author)

      She is #exceptional! I will come down and see it in action and lend a hand! Love that you have a blog. The students will love it too! Some classrooms are using their Google Accounts so students can create student blogs too! Thanks for sharing!

    2. Emily Nestor

      I LOVE Collaborize Classroom! It takes the basic blog and really vamps it up! I love that there are so many choices of the types of questions you can pose to your students! I also LOVE that they are able to make justifications for their answers! Cant wait to see it in action!

      1. Emily Harris (Post author)

        I think blogs in the classroom are VERY cool! We need to do more of it! I think it would add relevancy and meaning to the students!

  7. Coach Brown

    I’d like to learn more about collaboration in regards to making students accountable for holding open lines of high quality communication to each other.

    1. Emily Harris (Post author)

      We need to find one Coach! I am with you! I would love to see a collaboration tool where students can rate each other on effective use. I think it would help students be “Leaders of Their Own Learning”.


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