November 8

Tech Tools to Support the 4C’s

Below is a blog post from Emily Nestor, Technology Integration Specialist! Great job!

An integral component in today’s 21st Century classrooms is the embedding of College and Career Success Skills into teaching and learning. These Success Skills include communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking and are often referred to as the “4 Cs.” Embedding these Success Skills into daily teaching and learning experiences has become almost seamless thanks to the plethora of Tech Tools that are available to students. By utilizing technology, educators are able to cultivate and promote the use of the “4 Cs” in meaningful and effective ways in all content areas.


With so many AMAZING Tech Tools out there, trying to sort through them all can sometimes be a daunting task! So I decided to help my #exceptional teachers out my giving them a few examples of some of my favorite 4C Tech Tools! These examples included both “oldies but goodies” and some more recent additions to the Tech Tool world. Check out these awesome Tech Tools below or CLICK HERE for an Interactive Infographic.


If you check out any of these Tech Tools in your own classrooms, I would love to hear about your experiences! Feel free to comment below or Tweet me – @emilycnestor !

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