October 16

Tech Tools to Help Creativity Come Alive

Below is a blog post by our Technology Integration Specialist, Emily Nestor (@emilycnestor). #Exceptional job Mrs. Nestor.

Taking notes, listening to lectures, and completing graphic organizers are all expected components of whole group instruction. But it is what we ask students to do with the information gained from these activities that can be the most meaningful and relevant. Providing students with opportunities to transfer and apply their knowledge is a vital part of teaching and learning. In blended learning environment, the utilization of technology can make these opportunities more engaging for students and provide them with learning that is both rigorous and technology rich. One way in which we can achieve this tech rich blended learning is by providing students with tech tools that allow them to not only reflect on their learning, but to also add a level of voice and choice through creating a digital product! Here are some great examples of creation tech tools that could be utilized in all content areas!


Posted October 16, 2016 by Emily Harris in category Technology

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